Account/Company Profiling Services

Account or company profiling can be defined as the process of identifying key-decision makers and gaining access to their contact details along with detailed information about their company including hierarchies, decision making process, opportunities, challenges, key goals and their priorities, competitive information and financial standing.

Targeting a large group of audience may not be enough to reach your desired niche within that industry and can keep you from grabbing the low hanging fruit. Datalense through its account profiling service can help you in narrowing down your exact target group within a larger group. Company profiling will further help you in understanding the exact process or path to convert maximum leads within this narrowed list or niche.

We can offer the following detailed information when you go for our Account or Company Profiling Services:

  • Company introduction including overview of past, present and future
  • Organizational structure with hierarchies including critical facts about the team
  • Ownership details of Executive Board including their biographies
  • Addresses, emails and phone numbers of Directors, CXOs and Top Personnel
  • Details of operations like Plant Locations, Alliances OEM Details and Joint Ventures
  • Financial Results – Historic and Recent with 5-year Summary
  • Stock market performance and projection
  • Key characteristics of product or services
  • Customer lists and profiles
  • Innovations and advancement in technology and product
  • Technology and infrastructure being consumed by the company
  • Competitive overview by Industry including market evolution and complete Industry Profiling
  • Strategic market position vis-a-vis market competition for each product segment
  • Advanced market research with SWOT analysis
  • Certifications, Awards and Partnerships
  • News, media recognition, testimonials and events – both short and long term
  • Accurate Strategy Formation

    Account profiling enables you to take a data driven deep dive into your target account. This approach enhanced with data intelligence will ensure that you have the best access and marketing strategy in your industry.

  • Engage with decision makers

    With company profiling you can be sure of who will make the final decision and what is the path of least resistance to reach that decision maker.

  • Customized Offer for Faster Conversion

    Once you have data driven intelligence about your target customer you can create customized offerings of your product or service that can perfectly fit the target company’s requirement and result in much faster conversion.

  • Upselling and Cross-selling Opportunities

    Once again, data driven intelligence about your prospective customers also allows you to upsell or cross-sell a bouquet of products or services resulting in bigger ticket size and superior ROI.

  • Improved Positioning vis-à-vis Competition

    Detailed profiles of your customers not only give you valuable insight into their needs and pain points, it also gives you an unmatched edge over your competition. This results in tremendous growth opportunities.

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