Data Licensing Services

Creating, owning and maintaining your data set can involve a lot of time, money and effort. And even that may not be enough or deliver the desired results. Datalense Services makes life easy and rewarding for you with its data licensing Option. When you go for our data licensing option, we deliver data list according to your requirement in an excel spreadsheet for your unlimited use. Our standard license is offered for an initial period of One year. We offer full support during this One year period in the form of quarterly updates to make sure that your data list remains up to date and authentic.

Our quarterly updates include the following:

  • Replacing outdated records with fresh and valid contacts.
  • Identifying changes in record information and updating them with current data.
  • Data Scrubbing by removing Unsubscribes / opt outs, SPAM TRAP emails and Cleaning of all available telephone numbers against the "TPS, CTPS - Do Not Call Register".
  • Adding 10% - 15% new contacts matching your criteria for free of cost.

At the end of the license period we offer you the following choices:

  • You can go for data license renewal at 25% of ongoing data purchase cost at that time.

  • You can let your data License to expire and own the data that you already have at that time. You can continue to own and use this data for unlimited period with full usage rights. The quarterly updates and Datalense support will not be available after the license expires.

  • Lower upfront cost

    You get access to the best quality data at much competitive cost resulting in lower upfront expense so you can use this budget saving elsewhere.

  • No maintenance cost

    Maintaining your own data set can be a challenging effort which involves high costs. With data licensing you can leave the worry of maintaining your data list to us resulting in substantial cost savings or you.

  • 100% Authentic Data All the Time!

    When we maintain your data set you can be completely assured of using fully updated and 100% authentic data lists. This ensures that your campaigns perform efficiently every time and you make the most of every penny spent.

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